Learn why homeowners are making the switch to all-electric with help from Energy-Smart Homes

Single Family Home Under Construction

Reducing the number of gas-powered homes in California will play a big role in helping the state meet its climate objectives.

To achieve these ambitious goals, not only will all-electric homes, or homes that run exclusively on electricity without tapping into gas infrastructure, have to become the standard for new homes, but many existing gas-powered homes will need to become all-electric as well.

Homeowners who’ve made the switch to all-electric are happy they did

By replacing fossil-fuel-powered appliances with energy-efficient, electric alternatives, many homeowners now enjoy the benefits of an all-electric home. The California Energy Smart Homes Program helps homeowners convert their existing homes to all-electric through incentives that reduce the cost of the upgrades. Energy Smart Homes played a big role in making the all-electric dreams of two homeowners a reality. Read more about their journeys below:

  • Customer: Dan Ramsey

  • Location: Willits, Mendocino County

  • Utility: PG&E

  • Home Type: Single Family

For Dan Ramsey of Willits, the choice to convert his traditional gas-powered home to all-electric came down to three factors: environmental concerns, reduced energy costs, and the availability of cash incentives.

  • Customer: Wayne Szeto

  • Location: Burlingame, San Mateo County

  • Utility: PG&E

  • Home Type: Single Family

Burlingame resident Wayne Szeto had long considered the decision to convert to all-electric, but his rationale can be boiled down to a desire “to create a cleaner, more eco-friendly, and more efficient home.”

All-Electric Home Facts

Homes with gas stoves can have nitrogen dioxide concentrations that are 50–400 percent higher than homes with electric stoves.

Switching to heat pump HVAC technology and water heaters from corresponding gas appliances can reduce utility costs by up to 9 percent.

Energy-Smart Homes is ready to help homeowners contribute to a greener future

Dan and Wayne completed their projects