Induction cooking helps home cooks and chefs prepare meals the healthy way

Californians with gas stoves might be exposing themselves to dangerous levels of benzene, a known air pollutant linked to cancer, according to a study published by Environmental Science and Technology.

Researchers discovered hazardous gases were leaking from gas stovetops in all 159 homes where samples were taken. Not only are the leaking gases a concern for the people living in these homes, but all California residents might be negatively impacted as gases like benzene lower both indoor and outdoor air quality.

In response to the growing concern about the effect of natural gas-powered appliances on our health, some have sought out alternative technologies. For many, that meant replacing their gas range with an induction cooktop. Although you might have never heard of it, professional chefs and casual home cooks alike have been using induction technology for over 50 years.

Recent technological improvements, more affordable prices, and a growing concern about the safety of gas cooking have made induction cooktops and ranges a hot topic globally. The use of induction technology has dramatically increased in popularity over the past decade, as many find it to be the perfect replacement for gas ranges or unsightly, aging electric resistance coil cooktops. When deciding whether the technology is right for you, it’s important to understand how induction differs from traditional cooktops.

If you’re not convinced, seeing induction in action might help

Some electric utility providers can loan you an induction cooktop to try yourself upon request. Each loaner comes with an induction cooktop, one compatible pan, and instructions on how to electrify meals in moments. Select your utility provider from the list below to reserve an induction cooking trial kit.

Ready to buy your induction cooktop?

While induction cooktops come with a higher price tag than electric and gas ranges, the technology has never been better or more accessible. There are many available options, including single portable burners that plug into a wall outlet at home or in an RV, to multi-burner models that can be imbedded into countertops. What’s more, when installed with whole-building electrification upgrades, your new induction cooktop could be eligible for incentives up to $5,550 from California Energy-Smart Homes.

Energy-Smart Homes promotes the adoption of advanced energy measures to support all-electric construction in new and existing residential buildings. Contact us to learn more about how to qualify for electrifying incentives today!